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Three suspects arrested in Tunisia

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In connection with the alleged Berlin assassin Anis Amri, three persons were arrested in Tunisia. One of the suspects was the nephew of 24-year-old Amri, the Interior Ministry told in Tunis. The prisoners were between 18 and 27 years old.

The nephew had confessed that he had been in contact with Amri in an encrypted way through a news app. His uncle had wanted him to swear allegiance to the terrorism of the Islamic state. Amri had also sent him money to meet him in Europe. Whether the suspects helped the alleged terrorist in his escape remained open.

The Ministry of Interior designated the three arrested men as a terrorist cell, the security forces had already lifted on Friday near the city of Kairouan. The family of Anis Amri also lives in this region. Kairouan is known as Salafist Hill.

Connections to Spain are being investigated

In the meantime, the Spanish police investigate possible connections of the alleged Berlin assassin to Spain. Investigators went from Germany to the fact that Amri had contacts with Spain, said Interior Minister Juan Ignacio Zoido. "We are investigating all possible connections (between Amri) and our country, first of all all with a certain person," Zoido told the radio station Cope.

At death, died

Amri had died in the early Friday morning at a change of shot with two police officers at the Sesto San Giovanni station near Milan.

He is, according to the conviction of the investigators, the man, who on Monday night in Berlin with a stolen semitrailer into the Christmas market at the memory church is rusted. In the assassination attempt, 12 people died, 53 were partially seriously injured. Amri's fingerprints were secured several times on the truck.

Lies, rumors, accusations

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Lies, rumors, accusations

Has the Kremlin helped to make Donald Trump the US president? Does Moscow decide before the Bundestag election on German politics - about social media and cyberattacks? The overview of allegations and facts.

The case of Lisa has set in motion: Many Russian Germans brought last January against the refugee policy of the federal government, the Russian leadership used it for violent attacks against Berlin - and Chancellor Angela Merkel was pointed out, which power the lie during these times over the Internet can develop. And that Moscow might be able to take advantage of these new opportunities.

The alleged rape of the then 13-year-old Russian girl Lisa by a refugee finally turned out to be invented. But it is not easy to expose a lie in these times as such. If it has first set itself in forums, posts and profiles.

After all, the case of Lisa led to Merkel and her government having identified a new phenomenon. At the beginning of 2017, experts from the intelligence services will present what can be done against the forms of modern propaganda. And, above all, what reaction possibilities are there, if one uses information, which were first captured by hacker attacks.

In the US, intelligence is making the rounds, which led Russian hackers to have joined the presidential elections to help Donald Trump enter the White House. Now, many of them are concerned about the activities of Moscow, which are controlled by Moscow. The problem: the evidence is extremely thin.

The most important questions and answers at a glance:

1. What role should Russian hackers have played in the US election campaign?

According to reports by the Washington Post and the New York Times, the US foreign secret service CIA has learned about Russia's attempts to hurt the Republican candidate Trump by means of hacker attacks in the recent presidential elections. President Barack Obama has instructed US intelligence agencies and other security agencies to investigate the allegations.

In the campaign, emails had been hacked by Hillary Clinton's Democratic Party, with information from the WikiLeaks unveiling platform. The Democrats promptly accused Russia, and the CIA is now coming to the conclusion that a Russian hacking team was behind the attack - and thus offered electoral assistance to Trump.

However, evidence for this assessment is not yet known, Trump and his team reject the CIA assessment.

2. What are the fears with regard to the Bundestag election?

The local security authorities expressly warn against Russian attempts to influence the Bundestag elections in the coming year. According to Hans-Georg Maaßen, President of the German Constitution, President Hans-Georg Maaßen said that this would be "condensed". "Information that flows out of cyberattacks could appear in the election campaign to discredit German politicians." BND chief Bruno Kahl warns against cyberattacks, "which have no other meaning than to create political uncertainty".

Even German politicians are concerned, Angela Merkel himself publicly warned that cyber attacks and "hybrid clashes", led by Russia, had long been part of everyday life and could also play a part in the election campaign. In the Bundestag the Chancellor made the consequences of news manipulation on the Internet, especially in social networks, on the topic - without explicitly accusing Russia.

Remarkable: Russia's Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov rejected all allegations last week, proving how Russian disinformation works. Lavrov claimed that Merkel had publicly described the accusations as "nonsense and nonsense." When and where Merkel said this, Lavrov did not reveal. A spokeswoman Merkels said on Monday only that the Chancellor "has no intention to comment on such a statement".

3. What suspected Russian attacks have already existed in Germany?

The Lisa case was an example of a regular disinformation campaign. The persistent dissemination through social media and the instrumentalization by state Russian media went hand in hand.

In the spring of 2015, the Bundestag became the target of a large cyberattack. The tracks are to lead to Russian hacking groups with contacts to secret services. Large amounts of data were collected during the attack. According to the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung, the recently published documents from the WikiLeaks from the NSA investigation committee could stem from this hack.

Also in the recent attack on rout of the Telekom was speculated over a Russian origin, but concrete accusations were not

Maria L. was not supposed to be his first victim

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Maria L. was not supposed to be his first victim

The murdered student Maria L. from Freiburg was apparently not the first victim of the suspect Hussein K. According to the research of the news magazine "Stern" in May 2013 a 20-year-old student was attacked on the Greek island of Corfu.

K. had thrown down his victim at the time a steep coast, says it in the "star". The woman had survived with serious injuries. Greek media had reported on the case. In addition, the "Stern" refers to two refugees from the Middle East, who have been in contact with K. in Corfu.

The police are currently investigating the evidence. The investigators tried to get clarity about a legal aid request, a police officer in Freiburg said.

Sentenced to ten years imprisonment

A Greek court is said to have condemned K. "Stern" information in February 2014 to ten years of imprisonment. It is unclear why the offender came out of prison early. It is possible that the judiciary withdrew from Greece.

K. was registered in November 2015 as an unaccompanied minor refugee in Germany. Since the beginning of December 2016, the 17-year-old is under investigation, as he is under suspicion, in mid-October in Freiburg, the 19-year-old Maria L. after a party raided, raped and killed. So far, K. is silent on the allegations.

93 civilians were killed by poison gas attack

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There are reports of atrocities from the Central Syrian city of Hama: According to an aid organization, 93 civilians were killed in a poison gas attack. The Syrian army now stands shortly before the conquest of Aleppo.

The attack with the smell and colorless chemical had occurred in the eastern suburbs, as the organization Union of Medical Care and Relief Organizations (UOSSM) reported. Many victims were children.

UN: At least 82 civilians killed in Aleppo

Also from Aleppo there are reports about the killing of civilians. For example, the United Nations reported that at least 82 civilians had been killed in the four quarters occupied by the Syrian government, including eleven women and 13 children. The spokesman of the UN Human Rights Office, Rupert Colville, said in Geneva.

Soldiers had entered houses and shot civilians on the spot. Where exactly this happened, he could not say. The reports came from Monday evening.

Rebel representatives had already accused the army on Monday of shooting riotous insurrections in the territories they conquered. The military rejected this and said the rebels were trying to gain international sympathy with this presentation.

Delights of the Syrian army

The Syrian army and its allies have conquered the majority of the Aleppo city areas controlled by the rebels so far. In view of their expected early victory over the rebels, Syrian government troops celebrated their triumph until late in the night.

"A reporter reporter from the western part of the former economic metropolis, under the control of the troops of President Bashar al-Assad, reported that bullets had fallen from the sky like rain drops.

After the rebel-clad areas shrank by half, according to government and opposition figures, by the Sunday and Monday offensive, the bombings subsided.

The artillery gun and the air raids on rebel positions in the eastern part of the city had diminished noticeably, the Reuters reporter reported. According to figures from military circles, the Syrian army is on the verge of the complete conquest of the city, which has been fighting since 2012. This would be the greatest military success of the Syrian president so far.

Thousands of people flee

A representative of the rebel group, Jabha Shamiya, said from Turkey that the insurgents had built a new front line on the west bank of the Aleppo River. A representative of the Syrian military said that the rebels flew into panic.

Due to the rapidly shifting fronts, thousands of people have been forced into flight over the past few days. There were people in the streets who had gathered the most necessary or pushed relatives in wheelchairs and fled the battle zone.

Donald Trump Will Win, Says AI System That Correctly Predicted the Last 3 Elections

Friday, 28 October 2016 / No Comments
Politics News Report

Politics News Report:

A highly reliable statistical model has predicted a Donald Trump presidency, and an artificial intelligence system that has gone three-for-three in the last three presidential elections is following suit.

MogAI, an AI system developed by Sanjiv Rai, founder of Indian healthcare startup, predicts a Donald Trump presidency, CNBC reports.

MogAI – which was named after Mowgli from "The Jungle Book" because, like the young "man cub," it learns from the environment – correctly predicted the outcomes of the last three presidential elections, as well as the results of the Democratic and Republican primaries. It uses information from public platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Google to generate a prediction of voting behavior.

According to the data, people are 25 percent more engaged with Trump than they were with Barack Obama at his peak in 2008. On its face, this engagement indicates support of candidacy.

"If Trump loses, it will defy the data trend for the first time in the last 12 years since Internet engagement began in full earnest," Rai explained to CNBC.

However, the AI does not take into account the tone or intention of the user activity it measures. So if someone is posting negative reactions to Trump on Twitter, for example, the AI registers it as as simply "engagement," which it considers a positive measurement.

"Granularity of data will determine progressively lesser bias despite the weightage of negative or positive conversations," Rai wrote.

In other words, more precise data would allow MogAI to separate out a candidate's supporters from their naysayers. Obtaining users' IP addresses, for example, would allow the AI system to track their overall engagement more precisely.

There are other potential loopholes as well, Rai admits. There are more people engaging on social media now than there were in 2008, for example. Still, as Trump has often demonstrated, any publicity can be good publicity.

"If you look at the primaries, in the primaries, there were immense amount of negative conversations that happen with regards to Trump," Rai told CNBC. "However, when these conversations started picking up pace, in the final days, it meant a huge game opening for Trump and he won the Primaries with a good margin."

New Final Fantasy Title Teased, Chrono Trigger Director Involved

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Games News Report

A website teasing a new Final Fantasy announcement has appeared online. It features a countdown that is scheduled to expire five days from the publication of this article. Although there aren't many details about the project, the website's URL has "FF_NEW" in it, indicating it will be a brand new game.

The bottom of the website prominently says "iPhone" and "Android," so it'll almost certainly a mobile title. Furthermore, it looks Chrono Trigger director, Takashi Tokita, is involved in its creation. As reported by DualShockers, the website features a message from Tokita.

"Final Fantasy is about characters with anger and sadness, and dramatic battles full of humanity. And more than anything else, we should not forget the fantasy."

The website also has some beautiful artwork from Yoshitaka Amano, who often collaborates with Square Enix to create artwork for the Final Fantasy series.

The next entry in the mainline series, Final Fantasy 15, has a confirmed release date of November 29. GameSpot recently played through the first 15 hours or so of the game ahead of its release for Xbox One and PlayStation 4; read our impressions here.

Square Enix recently announced Final Fantasy 15 will feature online multiplayer in the form of co-op, but this will be delivered through downloadable content.

"The #FFXV DLC will add brand new gameplay styles & experiences to the game so we hope you'll look forward to lots of exciting things to come," it said in a Twitter post.

Final Fantasy 15 has "gone gold," which means development on the base game has been completed. This brings a development cycle that has lasted over a decade to a close.